Born on planet earth, our three heroes have lived ordinary lives always wondering how am I going to make my mark on this world? How can I make a difference? Lynn has a background in art, marketing and customer relations. William has a background in sales, computer design and accounting. Edward has a background in business, financial and marketing and legal. Together our heroes can be an unstoppable team of go getters.

For years our heroes have bounced around the idea that we wanted to own our own business-- we went through countless ideas and we always came back to the idea of a comic book store. But we did not want to be just an ordinary comic book store; we have to be unique and stand out. Figuring we are all kids at heart and we all play all sorts of games (MTG, Yu-G-Ho, Pokemon, Heroclixs, board games, video games and a plethora of others) we wanted to add that onto our business model in the form of tournaments and free game play. We wanted to provide a safe, child friendly, environment where people can come and play. But why stop there? Lynn has always had a passion to teach and wanted to use her artistic skills to help others realize their own potential. So we added creative workshops to inspire our young ones to always follow their dreams have fun and would be a great way to meet new friends who share the same qualities and maybe some that are different. William has a great knowledge of heroes past, has the ability to crunch number faster than a speeding locomotive. Edward has great wisdom about life and it perils of finance, legality and hawking. We decided that we should be Da Sorce where we can help you find whatever you may need, so we added finder services and repair services. So on our journey to find a location was on, we had stumbled across a business for sale CSI, (custom studios Inc), and had decided to purchase that business and convert it into our already planned business. This business that we have merged with our first business model seemed to be that uniqueness that we needed to stand out. So here we are at 4353 n Lincoln ave.

We all have different talents to showcase and how would incorporate them all? Well we decided to showcase them all.


Da Sorce 2017