Custom Print Camp



 Custom Print Camp June 19-23, 2017: 12-6 pm each day

 Custom Print Camp August 21-25, 2017: 12-6 pm each day



Do you have a great imagination and love to express yourself through pictures and words? Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to make your own custom prints? Well, this is the camp for you. Every Day we will be learning about different styles of custom printing


1st Day: How to Design for a Sun Photography (plate making)

2nd Day: Hat Design (Layout, Restrictions)

3rd Day: Digital T-Shirt (Methods/Practices of Production)

4th Day: Vinyl T-Shirt (Vector Image Utilization)

5th Day: Block Printing (Methods/Practices of Production)


Some of the custom print items may take up to several weeks to complete and give to you.


Cost of Camp: $200


What do they get during the camp?

•Resources to create there multiple different custom prints

Time to create there custom prints


We do ask you bring a lunch each day as it will be long or you can purchase a lunch from our partner Apart Pizza Company in advance for the camper.



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