At these camps, the attendee will learn how to play one and the mechanics of one of the following three games: Pokemon TCG, Magic the Gathering TCG, or Heroclixs! They will also learn how to either build a deck or a team; how to make a fair trade; along with the rules of the selected game and more! These are great camps for children from 6-16 years old.

Cost per Camper: $200


What do they get during the camp?(depends on which game they wish to focus on)


• A 60 card, ready to play deck or a 5 character team with tokens and damage counters

• A rule sheet with play mat for the TCG games

• Card Sleeves for TCG games

• Deck Box for TCG games

• 5 Boosters for TCG Games and a 5 character Boosters of Heroclix Miniatures


We do ask you bring a lunch each day as it will be long or you can purchase a lunch from our partner Apart Pizza Company in advance for the camper.