Heroclix Academy

Heroclix Academy are divided in to Levels:


Starter Level is for New Trainees and will receive the following in the sessions: A discussion on the value of Heroclix signles, trading and how to make a good trade that is fair and honest. This will lead into how to playing the actual Heroclix game. Then we will have two hours of game play dedicated to playing the game. Total class duration 2 hours. They will also get a starter team, 1 heroclix, and Lots of playing time in our game room. Training Fee: $25.00


Self-Training is when you have not mastered a level and need to still learn that level. They need to bring in the team they received from the previous session they were in. Training Fee: $10.00


Team Building is when you have mastered the Starter Level and are a Returning Trainee, they need to bring in all there Heroclixs organized and they will learn the essential mechanics of how to build teams for tournaments. They will receive 2 heroclixs. Team Building is only available on Sundays. Training Fee: $25.00


Tournament Level is when they have mastered deck building or have challenged the professor and was given the go ahead to this level. Click here to go to Heroclix Tournaments.


The Academy are 2 hour sessions on this day:


Sundays: 12:30PM to 2:30PM


Make sure that you R.S.V.P because classes are limited to 20 spots and they fill up quickly.


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