Winter means tons of holiday fun, but it also means altered classroom schedules for students. When children are out of school for winter holday breaks, it's importan to keep them busy. At this camp the only thing predictable is the fun. Each day includes multiple art, science projects, fun and games, and a mid-afternoon snack. We are offering a Winter Break Camp for all days that are out of school this winter.

Fee: $25 per day


Hours: 12pm- 6pm

Camp Details:


All Campers will receive a snack and one drink a day. Bringing a lunch is encouraged as it will be a long day.


This camp is about variety. We will be introducing games (board games and card games), science projects and crafts to the Campers who take this camp. Every day will be something new  to learn. Not only will they be having fun with new games, they will also be learning about good sportsmanship along with making new friends.


There are few days where there are scheduled games already in progress however if the camper does not want to participate in the following there will be other games/activities that they can join. For instance, Mondays and Tuesdays are normally Pokemon League days, Wednesday is Dungeons and Dragons (role-playing) and Fridays are Magic the Gathering.

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